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House of Koopslie’s headbands came to be by accident. Founder Monika was working on a kids’ collection when she came across the softest bamboo fabric. She loved the fabric so much she took a moment to make a headband for herself; it was hand sewn and had a simple scrunch in the front. It was really comfortable and so soft, plus it looked really nice on. She knew that she had to make one for her mom, some friends and soon customers were asking her to make some for them. And so she did. But this isn’t the story of how people bought them up and the company exploded, because that’s not what happened. Not at first, anyway. Monika made a lot of headbands and headed to a tradeshow where people excitedly came by to see them, but no one actually bought any. Monika was puzzled (they had asked after all) and a little crushed. She quickly came up with an idea to sell off the unloved, short lived headbands. She added a leather loop in an attempt to pretty them up to clear out the stock and be done with the failed idea. But what happened next changed House of Koopslie forever. In the first hour Monika sold every. single. headband. And this became the trend at every. single. show. House of Koopslie’s headbands became our biggest selling item in record time. In fact, in 2016 we decided to close off our kids’ division to focus solely on our headbands. And it’s a good thing too. Customers across the globe are loving our headbands and you can find them in over 300 boutiques across Canada, the US and Japan!

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  1. House of Koopslie's collections utilize the softest, eco-friendly bamboo fabrics. This stuff is seriously amazing! All of our products are proudly made in Canada with love.

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Sales Reps: Lisa Ryder Sales - Ontario

You can rock a House of Koopslie headband so many ways! Check them all out here!