Slavin Raphael to Represent Biion Footwear in Canada

on 06/15/2016 - 10:33 am

Toronto, Canada (June 09, 2016) – Biion Footwear is thrilled to be adopting nationwide representation across Canada by Toronto-based agency, Slavin Raphael!

Founded in 1978, Slavin Raphael is a wholesale multi-brand sales agency representing the most sought after International apparel, footwear and accessory brands in the world.
Slavin Raphael's portfolio of brands is synced with top tier multi-brand/channel retailers across Canada.

Our staff of 20 (world's best) full time sales executives service our esteemed retailers with professionalism, product knowledge, and customer service. The close relationship of our savvy sales team with committed retailers and manufacturers are what attribute to the longevity of Slavin Raphael.


Biion founder and CEO Richard Buchanan notes that partnering with a fellow Canadian company with a strong background in fashion innovation is a natural fit.

Billed as one of the most versatile shoes to hit the runway, Biion Footwear hits a sweet spot, satisfying both classic and contemporary tastes in a stylish spin of brilliant colours and wild patterns, all on an timeless silhouette with brogue detailing. With an unrivalled spectrum of flavours, this unisex shoe hits a wide array of consumers, both in fit and in fashion. From lifestyle to golf to yachting, it truly is one shoe with many talents. Biion’s hexagon-patterned cleat with Hextra-grip technology provides maximum strength and stability, giving you the best possible traction in every step.

Biion has found its’ way onto the feet of celebrities like George Clooney, Bruno Mars, Snoop Dog, Samuel Jackson, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mark Wahlberg as well as athletes like Wayne Gretzky, Jose Bautista, Scott Thornton, Dan Marino and many more.

With current distribution across North America, Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, and South Africa, growth beyond this is an obvious progression for this dynamic, expanding brand.

Defying fashion trends and the sewing of leathers, Buchanan ventures to the future and infuses an EVA compound into injected moulded footwear. It is within the molecular structure of this patented compound that the perfect fit is found, giving rise to the first form fitting Brogues to hit the shelves of some of the best fashion retailers in the world.

Biion recently signed exclusive partnerships with Nickelodeon and Disney on their newly launched kids line, which will be taking these fun, youthful brands into luxury fashion. Buchanan says the response to their children’s line has been overwhelming due to their versatility, comfort, and colour spectrum; a movement that both he and Slavin Raphael believe will be adopted across all demographics. 

For more information about Slavin Raphael and their brands, please see their listing on CUT & SHOW.



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