Slavin Raphael Named As Canadian Sales Agents for AKID Footwear

on 02/16/2016 - 12:59 pm

We have another brand announcement from Slavin Raphael in Toronto. SR has just picked up the exciting kids footwear brand, AKID. AKID is a new brand from streetwear legend, Matt George and his wife, Ashleigh Dempster. In a few short years, AKID has been placed in better boutiques around the globe and on the feet of A-list celebrities stylish kids.


For more information about AKID, please contact Slavin Raphael via their listing on CUT & SHOW.




AKID, the passion project of street wear guru Matt George and his wife Ashleigh Dempster comes to Slavin Raphael!

The duo attribute much of their inspiration to their stylish son Jasper.

Ashleigh was on the hunt for fashionable and yet comfortable shoes for kids and came up empty handed. So the two set out to create just exactly what they couldn't find.

The LA based brand meets that need for a practical shoe while still being fashion forward and unique for the kids wearing them

With young fashionistas like Blue Ivy and the younger members of the Kardashian clan rocking the brand all around town, these sneakers are a no brainer!

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