Proper Footwear Now Available Through Platform Distribution

on 01/14/2018 - 07:09 pm

PRESS RELEASE - January 8, 2018


Platform Distribution brings Proper Footwear to Canada! 

Vancouver based Platform Distribution has received the Canadian distribution rights to skateboard footwear brand Proper Footwear. 

Proper Footwear started in the Spring of 2017. Durable and built to perform, the line is designed to look good for the life of the shoe. 

“We wanted to make a shoe that will look good and work well from start to finish. We took the Carhartt model and applied it to skate shoes. Kids can skate quality materials that will last and look good the whole time.” - Shawn Baravetto, designer/owner 

Proper is supporting a full team of skaters. Nate Guest, Bryan Whalen, Adrian Gephart, Will Gabourel, and more are featured in their first promo video, Pretty Lady. Find it on the Proper Footwear Youtube channel or 

Shawn has been interviewed by Jenkem Mag and Ripped Laces. He explains his history with the skateboard industry and the inspiration behind Proper Footwear. 

Jenkem Mag: skateboardings-indie-shoe-brand/ 

Ripped Laces: owned-footwear-brand/ 

Proper Footwear will be coming to Canada in Spring of 2018. 

Proper Footwear joins Jetty Clothing, Vagrant Skateboards, SENDxHELP Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Bacon Skateboards, Dieta Skateboards, Jivaro Wheels, Speedlab Wheels, The Portland Wheel Company. Plague Hardware, Vulcan Bolts, and Skate Balm Skate Wax in the Platform Distribution catalog. 

Platform Distribution is committed to bringing core, not corporate, brands to Canadian Skateshops. 

Skateshops can contact Dennis Regan by email: for more information about ordering. 

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