Distributor Feature: Throat Threads Apparel

on 09/25/2015 - 01:31 pm

** This interview was originally featured on CUT & SHOW on 19 April 2013

On a recent visit to Toronto, I was fortunate to meet the charismatic and fashionable Russ Fearon, owner of Throat Threads Apparel. The journey from Vancouver to Toronto was well worth the trip, as I was truly amazed from the moment the car pulled up at this historic mansion, the kind you only see in the movies.  As I stepped through the door, I was greeted warmly, and I said to myself, “I am in fashion heaven.”The beautiful interiors, the merchandising of the clothing, and the displays were impeccable. Russ guided me on an inspiring tour through the whole building, an ...

Distributor Profile: Take Five Trading

on 09/25/2015 - 01:02 pm

** This interview was originally featured on CUT & SHOW on 03 February 2010
This week, we chatted with Garry Bone from the distribution company Take Five Trading (and also from the sneaker retailer Livestock). He told us about his new company, his predictions for 2010 and why he's buying Alife sneakers for this spring.

Q: So, Garry, how did you get into the distribution business?GB: I got into the business via Livestock -- a lot of the brands that we were working with didn't have distribution and were growing to the point where they needed it. They would all call and ask me who they should work with as far as distributors go, and I kept on denying most of ...

Sales Rep Feature: Ybrands

on 09/25/2015 - 12:55 pm

** this interview was originally featured on CUT & SHOW on 28 November 2009
This week, we stopped by YBrands in Vancouver to chat with the agency's super stylish owner, Yasmin Akmal. She gave us the goods on what it's like running her own agency, why traveling is a best bet for finding great brands and her love for Sneaky Sound System on the office stereo.

Q: So Yasmin, tell us about you. How did you get into the business?YA: I started in retail when I was 18-years-old; I started at Aritzia. I wanted to work at a company that was hands-on, where I could learn more about retail, like buying. So while I was going to school -- I have m ...

Sales Rep Feature: Randy Morris Agency RMA

on 09/25/2015 - 12:52 pm

** This interview orinally appeared 22 November 2012

RM: RMA continues to represent the hottest labels and product lines of clothing and footwear. Success has been earned by reacting quickly to market changes, being the master of reinvention and embracing technology. We are driven to  ensure the right products are placed  in our clients stores so they prosper for the long run.  Our customers do well, then so do we.  My clientele are predominantly specialty stores. Today's fashion sector is being stretched in different directions. The high end sector conti ...