FW17 KNOWSHOW Chat with Perry Pugh

on 01/30/2017 - 11:20 am

Earlier this month, the KNOWSHOW took place at the Vancouver Trade & Convention centre. We had a chance to chat with Perry Pugh, KNOWSHOW co-founder and GM to chat about the show where they are heading with it.


Hey Perry - How was your first show with your new partners?


I'm really happy with how this show turned out. It has been a whirlwind year with the transition into a new organization but we set some specific goals and were able to meet them and that is a good start.  


The speaker series seems to be a great success. Can you give us some highlights or a look into where you are planning to take this?


We sat down with a group of key retailers and reps in September to get a deeper understanding on what the show was and could become. One of the biggest takeaways was that Retailers are looking for any advantage they can get these days, and would see value in extra programming like this. We've done this type of thing in the past, though with access to the institutional knowledge of our new organization I feel we were able to produce a much better slate of events. 


We are very happy with the turnout for all of the events, and plan to continue to grow this aspect of the KNOWSHOW. The Keynote series gives us the opportunity to explore the facinating people and brands in our shared business and the Tactical Sessions will delve deeper into technical skills and actionable takeaways Retailers can take home and implement to improve their businesses in this challenging Retail Marketplace.      



It was great to see the kids section at the show. How was the response?


The response was great. While the section has a long way to go, the Brands who made up this area met lots of people who they would have otherwise had trouble meeting, and brought in a bunch of new childrens specific doors to the show. As many of our existing brands already have kids segments, this was a welcomed influx of fresh retailers.  


You recently announced the Toronto edition of the KNOWSHOW. How are things going? Do you have a list of exhibitors yet?


Getting face to face with everyone last week was a great opportunity to touch base with our brands and lay out our plans for getting the show back to Eastern Canada. Coming away from the show we are feeling really good about the response we received and are hard at work locking down exhibitors. Expect to see an official Brands list on our site in February, and exciting event information coming in the early spring.

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