Global Shoe Connection Brings Startas to Canada

on 06/15/2016 - 09:39 am

Global Shoe Connection Brings Startas footwear to Canada beginning June 2016. 

Startas canvas-top sneakers were originally designed for table tennis players with flexibility, grip, and comfort in mind. Now, Startas sneakers still have the same flexibility, grip and comfort with a whole lot more fun patterns to go along with the signature blue rubber sole and white wall detailing. Whether you like to stick to basics or prefer to have unicorns and black birds flying across your toes, there’s something for everyone.



A Symbol of Croatia

Startas are made in the same factory in Vukovar, Croatia where they were born almost 40 years ago. Over the years Startas became a cult phenomenon and an iconic symbol of Croatian culture. Startas were more than fashion; they were a way of life. Sadly, during the 1990s much of Vukovar and the Startas factory were destroyed during Croatia’s war of independence. Startas production was put on hold for years until the city and the factory could rebuild. It has taken some time, but Startas are back representing the resilience of Vukovar and the unique culture of Croatia


People Made

Startas are a throwback to a time when sneakers, like most things, were made by people who mastered the subtleties of their craft. It still takes one hour— from start to finish—to create each pair of Startas, using only traditional techniques and vintage, manually operated equipment. 


Renewable Natural Materials

Natural materials were purposely chosen because they did the job better and simpler. Startas continues to use premium natural, renewable materials, like canvas and natural gum rubber (yes, the kind of rubber that comes from a tree and not a lab) for all of their sneakers.


Startas sneakers are available now at and at select retailers across Canada. Please contact for more information.

Global Shoe is looking for Sales Reps in selected territories, for more information, click here.

For more information about Global Shoe Connection, please visit their listing on CUT & SHOW.



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