Fort McMurray Fire Clothing Drive

on 05/13/2016 - 11:27 am

The fine folks over at A52, KNOWSHOW and Purelife Sales have organized a donation drive for those affected by the forest fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The trio have connected with the Executive Director of Edmonton Emergency Relief ( who is on the front lines in distributing clothing and various other supplies directly to those that need it.


They are hoping that CUT & SHOW readers will be able to assist with the donation drive by donating by one of two options:


OPTION 1 : Drop-Off at FX & GX Building on THURSDAY MAY 19th





OPTION 2: Drop-Off at A52 Anytime Between Friday May 13th to Thursday May 19th  8am – 4 pm.


A52 Warehouse Inc

ATTN: Elliot

#110 – 2360 192nd Street

Surrey BC V3Z 0N2


All reps and brands who need a tax receipt need to follow these steps:


  1. Sort and Box your samples with a corresponding packing invoice for EACH BOX showing contact info for the brand/agency (ie: who needs the tax receipt) and the contents of the package including: # of items, price per item and a total.
  2. Please consider boxing the items up by style (ie a single box for all tshirts, pants, hats ect) so it is easier for the distribution centre to get these out to people in need.
  3. Email PDF copies of your invoices to : Elliot Markillie <> and as a confirmation that you will be sending.
  4. Drop your items during the times specified above


Donations of other needed items will be accepted and appreciated as well, some key needs are:


•  Bedding (Clean & folded)

•  New pillows

•  New towels, dish towels, dish cloths, etc (Clean & folded)

•  Clothing (Clean & folded)

•  New Socks, & underwear

•  Toiletries (New)

•  Toys (New)

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